Boca Systems
Box Office Guys is pleased to represent Boca Systems, the leader in thermal technology solutions for the admissions industry. We are excited to introduce our ENERGY STAR qualified, Lemur series of printers this fall.  The new printers are smaller, lighter and less expensive than their predecessors while meeting or exceeding all of our specifications.  All Lemurs come standard with USB, parallel and Serial (RJ12 connector) interfaces.  Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi are available as options.  These printers are well-suited for ticket, wristband and label applications.  The Lemur-2 and Lemur-2K provide two different ticket paths allowing for the use of tickets and wristbands in the same printer.

DESKTOP PRINTERS (Lemur and Lemur-2 can be factory configured for vertical operation)

Lemurs are divided into four basic models – Lemur, Lemur-S, Lemur-2 and Lemur-M.  Most options are available on any model. All printers (except for the Lemur-M) will ship with reverse adjustable paper guides. The Lemur-M will always have a burster and a 2.12" fixed width paper guide.  Hoppers are supplied at no charge with the cutter option, except on kiosk models.  Top plates are substituted for hoppers on vertical printers.  Please note that the display and cutter do not come standard on any printer model.

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