• Custom Thermal Stock orders normally take 4-6 weeks from when we first receive your art files,  to when the finished tickets are actually on your doorstep.

  • A final price can not be given until your actual artwork has been submitted to our art department.

  • We do not recommend ordering less then 30K, as the price per/thousand is very high for small orders.

Sample Prices based on recently completed jobs:


  • 32K - 2 x 5.5", single perforation, One Color on front, Two Color on back  - $54.18/K

  • 15K - 2 x 5.5", single perforation, One Color on front, One color on back - $67.50/K

  • 40K - 2 x 5.5", single perforation, Two Color on front, Once Color on back - $59.00/K

    Price do not include tax, art charges (if applicable)
     Freight, or Rush handling charge.

Generic Stock is available for same day shipping in a variety of colors and styles for $30.00 per thousand.  Discounts available for orders of 30K or more, AACT members, NCS Customers, TICKETGUYS.com customers, and California and Community Colleges. more info




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